Yamaha 450 Rally Replica Haan Wheels Set x 2 –SAVE


Yamaha W/WRF Rally Replica Haan Wheels. These are the true rally wheels used by FIM Rally riders and popular among Dakar riders.
Attention to every details during manufacturing and assembly process using the best components makes Haan wheels the hardest and most reliable choice in the wheel market today.
– Excel A60 Takasago Rims — structurally 15% stronger than current Excel Takasago Signature Series Rims and are designed and engineered for top professionals and aggressive riders. Made in Japan out of series 7000 aluminum, these rims are made for harsh terrain and abusive riding. This rim is also designed with a new v-curve profile that helps reduce mud buildup.
– Hubs are made by Haan wheels in the Netherlands. Made from a solid block 6082 T6 alloy and features:
– 3 bearings instead of 2 as some original wheels
– Cush drive on rear wheels, which are rubber dampers designed to reduce stress from engine torque and help soak up energy during hard aggressive acceleration or braking, which in turn help reduce the wear on your transmission and gears. Vital for Enduro and Rally riding.

– Haan Spokes are INOX and up to 30% Thicker than OEM spokes, which makes it much stronger than OEM spokes.

– NO modification on the bike! everything fits fine, Brakes and Sprockets.

– Fully Customized

Price is based on wheel set x 2 FRONT and REAR CUSH WHEELS.

Please specify the sizes that you need, color and if you want the tubeless option. Extra amount could apply for different colors and sizes.

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