Overland Rally Navigation Package Entry


Overland Rally Navigation Package Entry

Save with Overland Navigation Entry Level. This is a very handy package that you can use to build on it the more you go further is racing. The navigation bracket is designed to accommodate equipment all the way and including Dakar. Parts comes separte for you to assemble.
The package includes the following:
– Full Rally Navigation Instruments Bracket including handlebar navigation clamps, fittings and Navigation holder plate
– F2r 730 Roadbook
– led light bar for f2r 730 roadbook (RB722)
– 1 X RNS TripMaster XL4 –new
– 1 x f2r Rallye Power Box (PB001)
– F2r RB and tripmaster combo remote (CR001)
Full Rally Navigation Bracket:
Designed to be quick and easy to mount but yet provide a solid and durable solution to mount all your navigation equipment to race any rally in the world since it is designed in order to fit also the ERTF Gps bracket.
– 4 mm aluminium Roadbook/Tripmaster/Speedocap plate
– Detachable Tripmaster/Speedocap upper plate
– Machined from solid aluminum handlebar brackets
– Stainless Steel horizontal stem for maximum resistance
– Dakar 2016 Tested (3rd place in Malles Moto Category)

F2r 730 Electric Roadbook :
– For roadbooks paper rolls until 46mm thick (max. 150mm wide)
– Build in aluminium for low weight and high mechanical resistance.
– High water and dust resistance even in severe conditions use.
– Aluminium and highly transparent polycarbonate cover with a view area of 153x104mm.
– Atractive design
– Connects to motorcycle battery (protection fuse included)
– Mounting kit for 12mm round bars (10mm option available)
– Remote control with :
– Forward and backward switch
– Low footprint mounting kit for 22m tubular handlebars
– IP67 connectors (water and dust protection)
– Dimensions : 201x124x75 mm, excluding knobs.
– Weight : 850 gr. (excluding remote and mounting kit)
– Includes :
– Electric roadbook holder
– RB732 – remote control
– RB724 – power kit
– RB737 – Mounting kit
– RB736 – Spare cover lock belt

RNS TripMaster XL4:
Hardware Design:
– CNC machined aluminium casing, anodised in gunmetal grey
– Sun visor integrated into the casing, no more ugly duct-tape solutions!
– 2 click-feedback rubber buttons on the left side for easy pressing even when wearing gloves
– Water and dust proof design, also applies to connectors
– Large, wide and contrast-strong 18mm tall digits
– Perfect readability under bright sunlight and dust
– Battery operation with a runtime of several months (1x CR2032, included)
– External 12V power supply required to operate the light blue LED backlight
Software Functions:
– 2x individually adjustable trips: A and B
– Each with a selectable resolution of 100m or 10m
– Trip B can be switched off
– Speed display
– Current speed
– Top speed
– Wheel circumference adjustable with 1mm accuracy
– Automatic wheel calibration function
– Integrated odometers
– Resettable “oil change” odometer
– Static/non-resettable lifetime odometer
– 24-hour Clock
– Front wheel sensor (M8 screw type)
– Strong neodym wheel magnet
– Power connector
– Mounting parts: grommets, washers and nuts
– Weight 300 g

Rallye Power Box
provides a central, compact and reliable power supply and connectivity point for all rallye navigation equipments, namely :
• 2 x ICO/RNS trip computer or compatible
• 1 x electric F2R Roadbook holder (main unit and remote) or compatible
• 1 x spare port for other navigation equipment (ex: GPS, tracker, etc)
Features :
• Compact design (70x36x24mm) and high resistant construction
• Power led indicator
• Battery connection cable with 2A fuse protection (*)
• Water and dust proof (IP67) box and connectors.
Includes :
• Rally Power Box with battery power cable
• 2 x ICO power extension cables
• 1 x power extension cable for spare port (bare wires)
• 5 x socket caps for unused socket protection
(*) Power cable can be easily connected to the 12V bike battery or to a switched source.

F2r RB and tripmaster combo remote (CR001):
Heavy duty integrated remote switch for your roadbook holder and tripmaster.
– Robust aluminium case anodised in black
– Ergonomic design
– Water and dust protected (including connectors)
– Easy installation and maintenance.
Tripmaster switch
• 3 x high sensitive buttons (even with gloves) in an ergonomic position
• Connects directly to ICO Rallye MAX™, ICO Rallye MAX-G™, ICO Rallye VR Light (grey), Rallye CAP™ and ICO Rallye 2000 (red)
• Supports Touratech IMO 100R50 Rallye, IMO 100R300 and KTM Tripmaster (*)
Roadbook holder switch
• Robust and low force operation toggle switch
• Connects directly F2R RB850 Rally ,F2R RB750 Rally and F2R RB730 (version B)
• Connects F2R RB730 (version A), MD and Touratech (RBTT i and RBTT *MvG*) roadbook holders through RB adapter cable (included)
Package includes :
• Remote combo and cables
• Fixing clamp and screws
• RB adapter cable
• Mounting and wiring instructions

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