RMS002 – RMS support bracket for navigation equipment


Aluminum support bracket that sits behind the roadbook.

Made from 3mm aluminum, these are light and strong, minimizing material.

Pre-drilled for mounting of ICO Rallye MAX or ICO Rallye MAX-G in the correct left-hand position above the roadbook.

On the right-hand position, you will find drilled pilot holes for a second ICO. But you can drill your own holes for a repeater, clock, camera, whatever.

Bracket includes fasteners and rubber dampers. Other required hardware is supplied with your roadbook (e.g. crossbar blocks).

Newly redesigned F2R version fits current RB730 version B models with no drilling.

Pilot holes are pre-drilled for RB750 Rally actual version A and older RB730/A models – just enlarge to suit.

Finished in satin black powder-coat.

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