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KTM 450 Rally Replica is a challenge against yourself.
Starting points are the following models:
• KTM EXC 450 F 2020 SIX DAYS
• KTM EXC 450 F 2020

but it can also be applied to all other recent EXC / F models.
The kit is produced to order, for each individual customer, only after deciding the individual specifications and needs, 100% Tailor-made.
As with the best SuperCars, the same procedure is applied in this case too.
The KTM 450 Rally Replica Kit is composed of:

1. Rally tower made of aluminum alloy, with parts in Alloy 5754 H111 specially modeled to respect the shapes and designs of the 3D model and from high-strength Alloy parts, whether they are in Alloy 6082 T6 H111 rather than Lega7075 T6 H111. The tower in the Adventouring configuration allows the assembly of the OEM instrumentation and the power support base for a Garmin navigator of the Montana series or GPSMAP 276CX, rather than an IP67 8 “Tablet (maximum size allowed)

2. The tower is equipped with transparent KTM style plexiglass, Full led Hella M60 lights, position light, and electrical system repositioning system.
3. The Full Led Hella M60 headlights can be protected by resistant headlight protection in a transparent plastic material that is easy to install/remove thanks to the quick-lock system that allows you not to use tools for fixing it.

4. Unpainted fairing sides, made of carbon-kevlar for maximum lightness together with maximum resistance

5. Pair of front tanks made of carbon kevlar, unpainted, complete with CNC caps, made starting from the OEM KTM Rally tanks and customized for correct assembly on the bike frame; the tanks are equipped with all the assembly systems to the frame, made up of parts made of Alloy 7075 H111 T6 rather than in high resistance steel.

6. Rally Bash Plate made of carbon-kevlar fiber, complete with assembly system, ready to repair the lower part of the motorcycle and the front tank kit

7. Water tank in kevlar, compliant with ASO chips to hold 3 liters of water, ready to be mounted in the carbon fiber sump guard.

8. Low carbon-kevlar fender or Flow Rally high fender

9. Rally seat with “ErgoSeat” seat, central gel insert for maximum comfort of use and seat cover in precious and functional rally material, 100% customizable on the basis of customer requests.

10. Hardware kit mounting system on the bike

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