ICO Sensor Magnet Mount-RRP 233


laser-cut stainless-steel mount enables a genuine KTM 690 Rally magnet to be fitted to the 2 of the M6 screws holding the braking disc to the hub.

This means that it is possible to run an ICO VR,in conjunction with our ICO Sensor Mount,on any KTM 690 Enduro.

Supplied with screws,magnet & spacer.

Requires slight clearance to be filed into disc support to clear magnet, using template provided.

Unfortunately, the magnet effects the reading of the OEM speedometer, causing it to read about 20% too high.


The first step is to remove the front disc and insert both our 2 longer screws, with the threads protruding through to the inside of the hub. This can be any 2 adjoining holes to start with.

Then mount the plate, with magnet, on the threaded bolts, on the inside of the hub, and check if the magnet does not foul any spokes, if it does, try another set of holes, repeat this until the magnet is in a position where it clears the spokes.

Replace the disc using 4 OEM screws, and our 2 longer screws, in the position described above, use Loctite, or similar, on all screws.

Fix the file guide to the 2 protruding screws and attach with the 2 half-nuts. Using a round, or half-round file, remove excess metal on disc carrier to the same size as the inside diameter of the template.

Remove file guide and replace with magnet and mount, attach with both M6 half-nuts, use Loctite, or similar.

Replace front wheel and lift off the ground and spin the wheel to check correct function of the magnet with the ICO sensor.

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